Thursday, February 22, 2018

Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire Collectors

Domini Games proudly presents the newest extraordinary chapter in the Enchanted Kingdom series.
The citizens of Rivershire have been infected with a terrible disease that is slowly turning them into monsters. Because of your magical immunity, you are the only person that can heal the townsfolk and stop the infection from spreading across the entire kingdom! Can you locate the source of the infection and return the town to normal before it’s too late? Find out in this breathtaking hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
    Save the Royal Family from danger in the bonus chapter!
    Choose which items to unlock first with your collectible coins.
    Visit your hatchlings in the Medico Imperium Incubator!
    Never get lost with the strategy guide!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cursed House 5

This highly anticipated addition to the Cursed House series has you taking your match 3 skills to the next level as you confront a once magnificent home that has become the domain of evil spirits. These spirits fear only one thing - the power of the Amulet. Collect mysterious coins scattered around the mansion to recharge the depleted amulet and banish the spirits once and for all.
    115 new and exciting puzzle match 3 levels
    Clever and challenging match 3 twists
    Solitaire deals and other bonus games
    Restore a home to its former beauty

Chase for Adventure 3: The Underworld Collectors

Travel to the inside of our world and find Ann's father!

Ann and Jim are still on the hunt for Doctor Windsdoe, Ann's father and the greatest archaeologist of all times. They finally found the Iron Oracle, the magical device that can show them where he is being kept. But the result is shocking: is he really at the inside of the earth? Is that even possible? Join Ann and Jim on their adventurous Time-Management journey to the dangerous Underworld and find Ann's father!
5 exciting levels full of challenging Time-Management tasks
Become part of the greatest archaeological expedition of all times
Return to Ann and Jim and find out what the Underworld is holding for you
Don't miss out on the long-awaited follow.
 Exclusive Collector's Edition extras:
    Play a massive bonus chapter with a new storyline
    Get stunning wallpapers and concept art for your PC
    Have a look at the exclusive strategy guide for useful tips

1001 Jigsaw World Tour: Great America

1001 Jigsaw World Tour: Great America provides a fantastic opportunity to feel the true American spirit through beautifully crafted jigsaw puzzles! Learn more about the history, traditions and attractions the USA has to offer. 500 high-quality photos depict scenes from world-famous cities, the gold rush era, Hollywood boulevard, American Football and much, much more! Complete your favorite puzzles and travel to incredible destinations all without leaving the house!
    Useful hints, sort tool and magnifying glass
    Game difficulty controls
    Custom styles and piece rotation
    Save progress and continue at any time
    Complete tasks and earn colorful trophies

The Station

The Station is a first-person sci-fi mystery set on a space station sent to study a sentient alien civilization. Assuming the role of a recon specialist, players must unravel a mystery which will decide the fate of two civilizations.
How would you react if we discovered a sentient alien civilization, challenging everything we know about biology, chemistry, physics, religion and answering the questions man has asked throughout history? But what if this sentient alien civilization was discovered in a state of civil war? Determining that the rewards outweigh the risks, an undetectable space station with a small three-person crew deploys to research the alien culture in search of a means towards a peaceful relationship. Unable to contact the crew, a recon specialist is sent to uncover what happened. What players discover will challenge their view of surveillance, imperialism and moral law.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Collectors

Artifex Mundi proudly presents the next installment of the Lost Grimoires series! When Prince Fern goes missing just days before his coronation, only one person in the king’s court can find him. Step into the shoes of the teacher, spy and advisor of House Griff and embark on a dangerous adventure to find the heir and save him from the clutches of dark magic!
Travel through 31 mysterious locations
Solve complex puzzles and navigate labyrinths
Meet fascinating characters
Wallpapers, concept art and soundtrack
Integrated strategy guide

The Forgotten Fairy Tales 2: Canvases of Time Collectors

When the Shadows of Oblivion begin to unravel the very fabric of the universe, it’s up to you as the Guardian to find the mastermind behind the destruction! Travel to a world beyond our own to help the Queen of Creation restore the canvases of time. It’s a race across time and space as you’re forced to search an alternate future fraught with foes. Can you save the crumbling universe and restore your reality? Find out in this heartfelt hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Help Queen Bella save her daughter in the bonus chapter!
Collect hidden animals for your bestiary.
Never get lost with the strategy guide.
Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, concept art, screensavers, music, and more!

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